How it works


Begin exchange with Turbo1031

We are a qualified intermediary for all 50 states with a safe, simplified and customer-focused process.


Sell your current real estate property

Our team will partner with your title company on the relinquished property sale.


Identify replacement property

You have 45 days to identify a potential replacement property and to log them on our platform.


Purchase a replacement property within 180 days

We will use the funds from the sale of your relinquished property to help you purchase your new property.


Complete IRS filings

We have you covered! We’ll complete all necessary IRS filings on your behalf to help you defer on capital gains taxes.

Case Study
Real Estate Legal Guidance Made Easy
Our Step-by-Step Guidance service provides clients with a formal and structured approach to achieving their desired outcome. We offer comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, from initial planning to successful execution. Our expert team provides clear and concise instructions, ensuring clients feel confident and informed every step of the way.
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